Lucifer Rising

perfect and beautiful once
now transformed demonically
hellish eternity awaits
for sinning unforgivably

Before time and the physical universe came into being, the once perfect and beautiful Cherubim, Lucifer, had already been banished from Heaven for the unforgivable sin of questioning God’s judgement. Leading up to his banishment, Lucifer had infected many other angels with his thinking and they were likewise banished. They were horrified to find themselves arriving in Hell where they were transformed into demonic beings. Lucifer became Satan.

Why did God create the physical universe and place humanity within it? Satan couldn’t figure that one out. When God decided to banish lost human souls to Hell, it became unbearable there for Satan. God was still punishing him, he concluded, and he spent more time on Earth than in Hell.

Satan became attracted to humankind and the other demonic angels attempted to confine his activites on Earth. Pitman Grumpt, a lonely old man, unknowingly gave Satan a safe place to hide. While attempting to use an ancient Egyptian magical spell to protect his land from developers, Pitman conjured Satan’s presence in the physical form of a dung bug, a scarab beetle. Satan was delighted. He could remain there undetected indefinitely, if careful.

Pitman knew Satan’s material manifistation as Mr. Beetlebug, who became his friend and began to help him save his present land and regain the other land his family once owned in the area.

Nell Shea opened the door for Satan to enter Earth’s world as a human, he became Marlowe, Christopher Marlowe. Through Nell he met Klaus and became deeply involved in human affairs by expanding Klaus’ knowledge of science.

Klaus became a world authority on science and technology. Therefore, when he warned the world of a pending collision with a massive shooting star traveling from the center of the galaxy outward, the major powers followed his lead. They transfered military spending and other resources to preventive and security measures under Klaus’ supervision. A unified global effort to avert the collision transformed human society, eliminating violence, poverty, hunger, and ignorance in the process.

Satan earned God’s forgiveness for his part. He was risen back up to Heaven and restored to his original perfection and beauty as God’s favorite Cherubim, Lucifer. God’s only purpose in creating humanity and the physical universe, as it turns out, was to give Lucifer this opportunity for redemption.

the end of time
rhyme and reason
a new beginning

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