Author’s Note

To save the author any further embarrassment, the stories of a sexually explicit nature that had been previously posted in the “sex” catagory have been removed from the author’s blog and placed in private storage until the author has the balls to post them again, along with all the other sex stories he obsessively writes yet will never post.

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3 Comments on “Author’s Note”

  1. missgypsy Says:

    awww, still……I understand. Had to do my own clean-up yesterday too!

    • Yeah, I just went through some strange changes, mostly in my own mind, concerning what to write about. Instead of writing complicated, wordy narratives, I’ve been trying to write more shorter stream of consciousness, off the top of my head, the whole story all at once. I’m enjoying writing that way but, after posting it, I’ve been having second thoughts, especially since so much of it is coming out explicit sexual language. These are only fictional characters I’m writing about yet their language and actions do reflect upon me, their author.

      Anyway, right after I posted a most blantly explicit, “On Sex – A Prose Poem,” I received an e-mail invitation to join in over at Are you familiar with them? It’s an interesting group of writers, many professionals with great educations and publishing accomplishments. And I’m not sure how I’ll fit in over there.

      For my first post, I wrote something off the top of my head. I really like it but, after posting it I began to have second thoughts. So as soon as that story dropped off their just published page and I could publish something else, I posted a very long serious novel excerpt with my old writing style. Then I deleted the short story. But, just as I deleted it, I received my first fictionaut comment, praising the story, from an established writer/editor.

      Of course. I still have the story, and I’ve already added to it. But I don’t know what to do with it. So I’ll just keep it in storage and write something else. Or rewrite some of the old stuff.

      By the way, missgypsy, I did reply to your comment about the Woman in the Novel here:

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